Annegret Siedel

Baroque violin, viola d’amore, viola and violino piccolo


CDs with Annegret Siedel: Solo violin and programs with Pieter van Dijk, Christian Skobowsky and Barbara Maria Willi:

Copyright J.S. Bach with Ute Gremmel-Geuchen
J.S. Bachs Wegbereiter Music for solo violin from Baltzar, Westhoff, Biber and Bach - Annegret Siedel
Die Silbermannorgel in the Petri church in Freiberg - with Christian Skobowsky and Annegret Siedel
Spielen in die Orgel Baroque Masterpieces for Violin and Organ - with Pieter van Dijk and Annegret Siedel
Johann Schop und seine Zeit the Hanseatic Violin School - with Barbara Maria Willi and Annegret Siedel

CDs of the ensemble Bell’arte Salzburg:

J.S. Bach, Markus-Passion BWV 247 Reconstructed by Andreas Fischer
Himlische Weyhnacht Festive songs from Luther to Bach
Rosenkranz-Sonaten by Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
Baroque Stage Music Music from 16th and 17th Century plays - with vocals
Salzburg Barock Music at the Court of the Prince-Archbishops with Emma Kirkby
Concerti d’amore Concerti by Telemann, Graupner und Vivaldi
Stylus phantasticus the fantastic style in northern German instrumental music
Ave Maria Music for Marian feasts with Nuria Rial
In nativitate Domini festive Christmas music with Emma Kirkby and Susanne Rydén
Musikalische Vesper with works from Andreas Hofer
Virtuoses Barock the art of southern German Violin
Seventeenth Century Christmas Eve   with Susanne Rydén
Tromba triumphans chamber music for baroque Trumpet with Paul Plunkett
Salzburger Meister des Barock Violino solo e Basso continuo
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