Annegret Siedel

Baroque violin, viola d’amore, viola and violino piccolo


Annegret Siedel provides, through a rich repertoire of sonatas, works that cover from early baroque well into the romantics. Within this, take on the one hand the work of Johann Sebastian Bach, and on the other hand a focus on the virtuoso violin music from the South Germany, Habsburg and Moravia.

Her solo programme is fashioned with fantasies, preludes, toccatas, partitias and sonatas from Bach, Baltzar, Mattheis, Pisendel, Westhoff and other baroque composers. She can also include works from Hindemith, Ysaÿe and Bartok.

The concert repertoire also includes, alongside violin concerts, concerts for the viola d’amore.

On the viola d’amore, she could produce a repertoire with chamber music, take on partitias in operas, as well as arias in cantatas and passions from J.S. Bach.

With the piccolo violin, she is not only in great demand in the first Brandenburg Concert, but also in cantatas from J.S. Bach, and has developed for herself a repertoire of chamber music from the 17th century for Terzgeige and Quartgeige.